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Universal sport belt

EAN13: 8432471130191 REF: CRFBELTFU

For lovers of outdoors activities, fans of trekking, hiking or running or for those who just love going out to observe nature, the Ideus sports belt is for all of you. An indispensable accessory for doing sports in comfort and allowing total freedom of movement.

A light, comfortable and adjustable belt with two expandable compartments where you can carry the indispensable for your outdoor sports: mobile phone, keys, small change, lock, etc. All are kept nice and safe.
Made in a resistant and waterproof material, it is capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. Walk or run for miles in comfort with our sports belt.

SRP: €12.90


    • Universal sport belt
    • Waterproof zipper
    • Lightweight
    • Reflective bands
    • 2 expandable pockets
    • Adaptable elastic strap
    • Universal size
    • Materials: Lycra, Nylon, ABS
  • Universal
  • Universal

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