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Use of cookies

Our web site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and to obtain statistical data about the visits made.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are installed on the computer from which our web site is visited, and which automatically provide us with information. Cookies in no event should be considered as a computer virus.

  • They do not damage the computer or slow the operating speed in any way.
  • Our cookies can be deleted at any moment, or rejected by configuring your web browser.
  • Cookies are only associated with the browser of a particular computer (an anonymous user).
  • Thanks to the cookies, it is possible for us to recognise the browsers of registered users after these have been authenticated for the first time, without needing to register on each visit to access areas and services exclusively reserved for these users.
  • Our cookies serve to identify a user session (session cookies) on a computer (temporary cookies), and do not provide either the name of the user or any other personal details.
  • The cookies used can not read the cookie files created by other suppliers.
  • The user may configure their browser to notify them on the screen of the receipt of cookies, or to prevent the installation of cookies on their hard disc.

Please refer to the instructions and manuals of your browser for further information.

What type of cookies do we use in Fonexion?

Our web uses two different types of cookies:

Third party cookies:

The Google Analytics service installs these on your computer. These are statistical cookies which provide useful data to help us improve our web site. Examples of the data collected include: the number of visits received, the origin of the visits, the key words used to find us, or peak visiting times. Further information on the Google Analytics privacy policy can be obtained from the following link: Google Analytics cookies policy.

You can configure your browser to not receive these cookies and they will not be installed. Otherwise, we understand that we have your consent to install them.

Own cookies:

These are generated by our site for different purposes:

Authentication cookies:

Used to recognise registered users who have been authenticated on our web site. With these cookies, it is possible to access the restricted access sections of the web. If these cookies are rejected or deleted, the access codes to our web site will not function correctly.

Interface personalisation cookies:

Used to facilitate browsing of our web site. Permit certain graphic aspects of our web to be automatically remembered. If these cookies are rejected or deleted, browsing on our web site will not be as simple.

Publicity cookies:

Used to personalise the publicity that our web site provides you, according to the content viewed and the frequency with which the adverts are displayed.

Behavioural publicity cookies:

These cookies store information about our users and their behaviour in order to offer them relevant information in the available publicity spaces.

If you have any queries about our policy on the use of cookies, please contact us at the: Customer Services Department (telephone, e-mail and contact form provided on the web site).

How to delete cookies

It is possible to delete the cookies installed in each browser from your computer. Cookies are installed in each browser used to visit us, and therefore should be deleted from each one.

The following information describes how to delete cookies from the main browsers:

For further information on the use of cookies, please refer to the following documentation:

Guide to the use of cookies from the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies when a user browses through its web pages. Cookies used by the website are files sent to a web browser via a web server to record the activities of users on the website and allow more fluid, personalised browsing. Cookies policy .