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Samsung updates the Galaxy A range.

Samsung has announced three new Galaxy A range phones, that have overtaken the low-cost range previously dominated by the J family.
Samsung presented their new Galaxy A telephones in Milan yesterday the mid-range models that is continuously being renewed and at the same time usurps the the J family low range to start a new strategy that stands up to the competition.
The new Galaxy A range runs from the A10 to the A80, and as they rise in numbers they improve performance. In Milan, the Korean Giant has announced three new models, the A20e, A40 and the A80, which add to the already announced A10, A50 and A70, creating the most complete Samsung range in this segment.
The A80 is the flagship of this range, including a series of features reminiscent of the S range: three reversible cameras, 6.7 inch screen, fingerprint reader, fast charge and iridescent colors that gives a stylish touch.
Which one are you going for? 😉

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