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IvyHealth wireless arm blood pressure monitor

EAN13: 8432471127795 REF: IVBPA

The IVBPA wireless blood pressure monitor allows you to closely monitor the evolution of your blood pressure and heart rate as simply as possible.

Thanks to its IvySync automatic connection, anybody with no specific prior knowledge or training can avail of the advantages offered by its use in conjunction with the free IvyHealth app.

Apart from taking your measurements, you can keep track of your evolution with the simple graphics, compare your physical condition with the values laid down by the WHO (World Health Organisation), share your data with your doctor, etc.

Take good care of yourself…take good care of your heart.

Download the IvyHealth app for Android on Google play and for iOS on the App Store

SRP: €99.95


    • Arm BP monitor
    • Dimensions: 153x55x36mm
    • Bluetooth Smart 4.0 + IvySync
    • Electronic inflation
    • Large LCD
    • Battery charging with micro-USB connector
    • Temperature/humidity for use: +5º C to +40º C / from 15 to 80% HR
    • Temperature/humidity for storage: -20º C to +50º C / from 15 to 90% HR
    • Any number os users
    • Measurement ranges: Blood pressure 0 - 299mmHg
    • Pulse: 0 – 188 beats/minute
    • Precision: +-3 mmH/g
    • Sensitivity: 1 mmHg
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