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IvyHealth baby wireless thermometer

EAN13: 8432471136520 REF: IVBT01-PK

IvyHealth’s Bluetooth connected baby thermometer allows parents and caretakers to monitor their child’s temperature remotely via the free IvyHealth Kids App. The wearable device must be placed around the child’s arm with the sensor tucked in under the armpit for an accurate reading. The device monitors the temperature of the child constantly, sending a notification to the smartphone it is paired with whenever there is an increase in temperature beyond the threshold established.

SRP: €89.95


    • Dimensions: 160x96x60mm
    • Weight: 20g
    • Measuring ranges: 35ºC – 42ºC
    • Bluetooth LE Smart 4.0 + IvySync
    • Without LCD display Precision: +-0.1ºC (35ºC – 42ºC)
    • Temperature / humidity for use: 5ºC a 40ºC / ≥15% ≤85%
    • Temperature / humidity for storage: -25ºC a +55ºC / ≥15% ≤85%
    • Battery: CR2025 (3.0V), battery button. 60 days (8 hours per day)
    • Measurement method: measurement of axillary temperature (axilla)
    • Infinite users.
  • No compatibilities for this product.

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